Label your lids

If your bees produce American Honey, show your pride by slapping one of these patriotic labels on top of each jar that you package.

All of the labels on this page are small round labels measuring 1.625" in diameter.  Each of these were designed to display your pride in your product, and remind your customers of what's inside. 

These colors don't run 
Neither do the colors in our labels.  These are professionally printed with inks that are designed not to run, so your customer will have a label that looks good to the last drop.

I'm proud to say I'm an American Beekeeper, harvesting American Honey, produced by my American Honeybees from American nectar sources.........Are you?

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Made in the USA
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Item Code #
C2C-0300 300
C2C-0600 600 $39.95
C2C-1200 1200 $51.95

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